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Not many know about the home at 1300 Brookshire Lane, or what goes on inside of the white, aged and weathered Victorian style home. Yet, residents nearby will tell you of the flickering lights from random room windows, and the periodic faint high pitch tone of what sounds like a whistle, coming from the dark forest behind it.
Owen is all too excited to move into this sizeable two-story home with his children, but soon discovers himself questioning whether or not something, or someone is present in the home with them. The grim, negative energy weighs heavier by the day. Every room feels of vexed, desperate eyes pursuing their every move. Furniture moves, doors slam shut, and shadows seem to inhabit every dark corner.
With no where else to go, Owen finds help and discovers one thing for sure. The house wants something, and it will not rest until it has it.

DYNASTY dives into the greatest teams in NBA history. For the purposes of this book, a dynasty is defined as any team that won at least three championships in a five year period. Only eight iterations of teams have accomplished that feat (Jordan’s Bulls did it twice but it's counted as one dynasty). Every chapter is a look at a different one of these eight dynasties: how they were built, how they sustained their success, and how they eventually fell. From there, I’ll be taking a look at the similarities between these eight great teams, and using those comparisons to evaluate all 30 teams (with a cute little formula I made) today in the NBA.

Abiding Flame &
The Spirit Connection
(two book set)
Phil Nash lives a life that grows continually darker until he finally commits suicide. He thinks this is the end. He is wrong! Meet Karma, his spirit guide, who leads him on a fantastic, wonderful journey through six of his past lives. Go with him while he learns about love, God, and reincarnation.

Face of Transformation
Face of Transformation is a collection of poetry intended to inspire individuals to keep the faith even when the path you are walking on seems dark, continue to pull strength from within to continue to chase after God. I believe that words are powerful and can help encourage individuals. It is important to me as a creative writer to paint a picture with words for the enjoyment of my readers. I hope you as the reader will always be encouraged to continue striving towards your goals.

The Stories of Alexander Trilogy
Billionaire college student Jared Paterski finally finds the love of his live. Upon moving in to the dorms at the University of Minnesota, he meets his new roommate, Alexander Schmidt, and falls in love with him. During their romantic relationship, he spoils him with gifts, treating him like a king. Once he knows him some more, he brings him into his secret dungeon, showing him his dark side, casting away his innocence. Later on in their relationship, Jared and Alex come across several conflicts from their previous lovers, fighting them off to secure their love for each other. This trilogy includes the shorter novels, The Enlightenment of Alexander, The Return of Alexander, and The Marriage of Alexander.

The Fearless Flag Thrower of Lucca
In this, the final volume of the series, Father Lorenzo has a surprise reunion, Lucia and Paolo celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary, Anna and a television priest become friends, a supermarket threatens Sant'Antonio's shops, a new book celebrates Corrona, Ezio's novel becomes a movie, and a shipload of Albanian refugees brings a new life to Dino and Sofia. In the title story, a long tradition in the art of flag throwing is shattered at a festival in Lucca.

A Piazza for Sant'Antonio: Five Novellas of 1980s Tuscany
A New Decade, and New Stories IN PAUL SALSINI'S FIRST NOVEL of this series, The Cielo: A Novel of Wartime Tuscany (first place winner, Council for Wisconsin Writers and Midwest Independent Publishers Association), terrified villagers were trapped in a farmhouse during World War II. In the second, Sparrow's Revenge: A Novel of Postwar Tuscany, a partisan hunted down the collaborator of a horrific massacre. In the third, Dino's Story: A Novel of 1960s Tuscany, a boy came of age during the devastating flood of Florence in 1966. Then the characters entered a new decade in The Temptation of Father Lorenzo: Ten Stories of 1970s Tuscany (first place winner, Midwest Independent Publishers Association). NOW THESE BELOVED CHARACTERS, along with a few new friends and relatives, return in A Piazza for Sant'Antonio, Five Novellas of 1980s Tuscany. IN THE FIRST STORY, Donna writes a cookbook that makes her famous and threatens her marriage. In another, little Pasquale, in trying to save a cat, teaches the people of his village understanding. When Sant'Antonio is ridiculed because it lacks a piazza, a mysterious man who lives in an abandoned monastery comes to the rescue. Meanwhile, when Dino seeks his roots, he discovers a heroic grandfather, a loving uncle and a doomed village that may be inhabited by ghosts. And in Florence, Father Lorenzo tries to cope with the hysteria brought about by a serial killer of young lovers.

Stefano and the Christmas Miracles
Weeks before Christmas, little Stefano sits down with his grandfather Nonno and they put together their nativity scene, or presepio, one figure a day. Nonno tells Stefano the amazing story of each of the miniature people and about the wondrous miracles that happen when they visit the Baby Jesus. This is a story for grandparents, parents, children -- and everyone else!

The Temptation of Father Lorenzo: Ten Stories of 1970s Tuscany
A decade after Dino's Story, the beloved characters of the first three novels return in this engrossing collection, all set in Florence and the beautiful hills of Tuscany. Father Lorenzo, still exhausted from the flood, is tempted by a beautiful woman. Tomasso seeks his long-lost son. Father Sangretto retaliates when a rival priest produces a "miracle." Donna and Ezio open their farmhouse to tourists and an eccentric author is their first visitor. The women of Sant'Antonio join to help the stricken Annabella. Anna leaves the convent. Dino makes up his mind between Sophia and Francesca. And more.

Land of Arlenm
An alien comes to Earth, to play a game with the human race which his people play once a year. Higher powers in his world have picked six college kids to be his game pieces before his arrival to Earth. He lures them to the Silent Night hotel, placing them up in the last room, number ten. In the middle of the night, their souls leave their body and are taken to the lobby where the game begins. They have to go through each room in the hotel; to better explain it these rooms are all different dimensions. They have to fight their way through each world in order to find portals that allow them to travel from world to world. The object of the game is to get back to room ten and be claimed as winners of this game. Lucky for you, you get to have a front row seat from the safety of your living room.

The Flight of the Dynolux:
a short story
An old man radio’s in, the plane has lost its pilot. The tower kindly informs him, “there is no such thing as a routine flight and no such thing as a routine landing.”

Who Will Cheer For The Young Black Girl?
A Collection of Poetry
Who Will Cheer for the Young Black Girl is a collection of poetry writings intended to inspire some young woman who is struggling to live up to society’s standard of success. As she continues balancing a personal and business life. "I believe that words are powerful and can help encourage individuals. It is important to me as a creative writer to paint a picture with words for the enjoyment of my readers. I hope you as the reader will always be encouraged to continue striving towards your goals in life no matter how dark the path ahead may seem at the moment."

The Evolution & Rebirth of Black Jewell
A Collection of Poetry
The Evolution & Rebirth of Black Jewell is a collection of poetry writings to captivate life with words. The reader is provided the opportunity to take the title of the poetry and imagine the words in motion.

Kinky Briefs
The fantasies of an overworked lawyer provide a wicked window into the legal world, where lawyers in love, dominant judges, and those who serve them, get their kink on! When boredom overtakes a young lawyer toiling away in the backroom of a law firm, she begins to spin kinky scenarios and outrageous tales about arrogant attorneys, bodacious colleagues, cranky judges, and sultry support staff. Her vivid imagination provides a titillating look into the legal world through a series of stories that may shock some and inspire others, but will almost always leave hearts beating just a little bit faster. Whether the story concerns a dominant judge who seeks to correct the behavior of a newbie judge through kinky tactics or an international lawyer’s erotic encounter with a Sheikh, love almost always wins. After all, what good is fantasy if you don’t find happiness in the end?

Kinky Briefs, Too
When love and lust combine in the legal world, something kinky is bound to happen! Boredom begets fantasy in this kinky romp through the legal world, when a young lawyer toiling away in the backroom of a law firm begins to spin steamy scenarios about lawyers in love, pushy Dominant judges, and those who serve them. Through vivid characters and compelling stories, a wicked window into the legal world opens, forcing readers to abandon old stereotypes about lawyers and embrace a world filled with legal professionals who pursue love with passion, determination, and a touch of kink. You’ll find yourself sticking this guilty pleasure in your backpack, purse, or briefcase, taking peeks at every opportunity to indulge in some of the hottest stories about lawyers ever written. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you might even blush, but one thing is for certain, you will never look at lawyers or the legal profession in quite the same way. In fact, this book might even convince you to apply to law school!

Kinky Briefs, Thrice
Take a kinky romp through lawyerland! Lawyers get their kink on in this sizzling collection of short stories. Through the eyes of a lawyer toiling away in the backroom of a law firm, a wicked window into the legal world opens as she spins her outrageous tales of lawyers in love, cranky judges, and those who serve them. From a randy AG who uses his cycle to woo a young law firm associate to a Sheikh and lawyer in a fight for their lives, or a kinky lawyer struggling to adapt to a diagnosis of a crippling, chronic illness to a rowdy fantasy about a new sheriff in town, each lawyer attacks life with humor and passion, always ready to embrace just a dash of kink. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you might even blush, but one thing’s for certain, when you’re done reading, you’ll run out and buy a pair of handcuffs!

The Garage Dweller
The battle over a runaway’s garage dwelling sends an attorney straight into the arms of the local police chief. Criminal defense attorney Julianna Constant is skilled at emasculating witnesses and hogtying juries, but she is unprepared to deal with a homeless teenager found living in her garage. The boy she has known since childhood wages an unwinnable battle to stay in her home, as Constant struggles to protect her family. Ultimately, the threat to her safety and emotional well-being mounts, and Julianna pushes back, falling right into the arms of the new police chief, a man who always carries two sets of handcuffs and uses them for more than just restraining criminals!

The Rep
We have all felt it at one time or another, the anger towards a rude customer who aggressively demands the attention of a customer service representative, using foul language, name calling and threats to get what they want. Our understanding, compassion or fear of the consequences keeps us from pursuing a more aggressive method of satisfying the situation, while maintaining a false concern for their needs, despite their verbal assault. Tommy Thorpe, a collections agent in a Milwaukee, Wisconsin call center, finds his sanity slipping quickly with every abusive call. Combined with the pressures from his supervisor, and abrupt change in his financial status, he allows a darker side of himself to surface, committing the ultimate crime to release his stress and problems. Soon, any information obtained from his customers, will be used for an entirely different purpose.

Would you believe that superhuman strength does in fact exist, and scientists classify this as a disease? What if you were a child born with an unprecedented form of this already rare muscle disease that gave you extraordinary strength, appearance and stamina? Growing up with Myostatin Deficiency was not an easy task for William Strong. He was bullied by other children, discriminated against and later hunted by the law for murder. While homeless and seeking refuge in the shadowy back alleys of Milwaukee, WI, he unintentionally becomes a local hero--striking fear in criminals by his violent displays of chivalry, fueled by a hatred for his past and the people in it. Although his disease gifts him with tremendous strength, his lack of compassion and forgiveness . . . makes him weak.

Eggshells In My Omelette
In the rhyming comical influence of authors like Shel Silverstein, Mo Willems and Dr. Seuss, Anson Berberich brings you his first children's picture book. Eggshells In My Omelette is written and illustrated by Anson Berberich. It's a catchy comedy story that rhymes about a boy whose name is never mentioned. He is not very picky about his food unless his dish comes with one minor/major flaw, the chef lost an eggshell in his cooked eggs. The boys goes on to make publicly known all the disgusting things he will eat before he eats that.

My Worst Thanksgiving Ever: A PanAmerican Tragedy
What would YOU do if your child was abducted in a foreign country? This true story recounts an American doctor's tragic Thanksgiving in Managua, Nicaragua searching for his son Ben who was abducted by the U.S. embassy there. Dr. Mangold endured multiple muggings during his search and was eventually imprisoned in an Immigration detention center while the embassy flew in his ex-wife to pick up Ben. Michael Mangold M.D. and Ben were pawns in a cosmic chess game between U.S. government officials and Mike's Nemesis. All he had was a handful of Córdobas and the truth against an unlimited amount of money and power. It is the "Story of Job" without an overcompensating God, and "The Odyssey" without the love and support of an awaiting Penelope. It is a true tale of good and evil and how the evil that people do has consequences for eternity.

Mythomania: A Psychodrama
How do we lead sane lives in an insane world? Interweaving psychology, medicine, politics, and law, Dr. Mangold takes us on a personal journey into a world that is "flying upside down." It is a world where lies and fear drive a sociopathic machine that is Hell-bent on the destruction of lives, liberty, and reason. This true story recounts the struggles Dr. Mangold faced not only from an uncaring government but also from a wife whose own pathologies prevented her from performing the two tasks he needed so desperately during those struggles: love and support. It is more than an account of persecution and victimization. It is a story of falling and discovering that the rescue rope had been severed by those entrusted to throw it in the first place.

Desperately Seeking Cereal: A Travelogue
Alone, broke, and abandoned by family and friends, this true story relates how Michael Mangold MD survived being homeless in Nicaragua by using his wits and at times doing the "unthinkable.” With help from unexpected sources like a Roman Catholic priest in Estelí and Mormon missionaries in León, Desperately Seeking Cereal also describes how those who are entrusted to serve the needy and desperate often do so at a cost. If at all.

Serial K
It was the perfect spot for his first kill. So begins Craig Breedlove’s descent into darkness. The diabolical sociopath undertakes a journey to become the most famous serial killer of all-time. Most young boys idolize sports superstars, but Breedlove’s heroes are Jack the Ripper and the Zodiac. He begins emulating the deeds of Gacy, Dahmer and Gein, first ballot inductees in his imaginary serial killer hall of fame, and quickly vaults to the top of the FBI’s Most Wanted List. FBI Special Agent Ryan O’Callahan leads the investigation, and teams with his ex-wife, FBI Profiler Lea Pucci. Unbridled passion defines their relationship, both positive and negative. As the search continues, the body count rises and the lunatic shifts his target to the FBI. Fear grips the public. Many will die, but who survives? Brian Gallagher, author of award winning Vatican Protocol, delves into the mind of a serial killer with the release of Serial K.

Vatican Protocol
Struggling writer and nearly bankrupt Sean O'Shea is searching for the blockbuster story from which he can create a best seller. When he learns of a horrific 1936 UFO crash in Germany's Black Forest, he chases the story to its origin. As his probe continues, witnesses are murdered and he becomes the target of deadly agents sent by the most powerful man in the Vatican - The Black Pope. The cover-up is greater than he ever imagined. When he discovers that UFOs, Nazis, Wewelsburg Castle and the Vatican are connected, he has the killer story he envisioned, though it just may kill him to get it published.

My Two Elaines: Learning, Coping, and Surviving as an Alzheimer’s Caregiver
Alzheimer’s disease creeps slowly into a person’s life but never retreats. Eventually, the individual’s memory fails in too many important areas, and someone must keep watch. Round-the-clock care is needed, and that invariably falls to the one who cares most—one’s partner. Former governor of Wisconsin Marty Schreiber has seen his beloved wife, Elaine, gradually transform from the woman who had gracefully entertained in the Executive Residence to one who sometimes no longer recognizes him as her husband. In My Two Elaines: Learning, Coping, and Surviving as an Alzheimer’s Caregiver, Marty candidly counsels those taking on this caregiving role. More than an account of Marty’s struggles in caring for his wife, My Two Elaines also offers sage advice that respects the one with Alzheimer’s while maintaining the caregiver’s health. As two-thirds of those with Alzheimer’s are women, he offers special guidance for men thrust into an unexpected job. With patience, adaptability, and even a sense of humor, Marty shows how love continues for his Second Elaine.

Closeness Without Control
This book is written for you who once had, still have, or are hoping to have a meaningful and fulfilling relationship. Whether you have been in the same long-term relationship that continues up to the present and are wanting to increase the closeness and decrease the control ... OR, you may be seriously considering ending your relationship because there is too much control and not enough closeness ... OR, your relationship has ended because there was a lack of closeness and an abundance of control and you do not knowingly wish to repeat yourself if or when you start looking for a new relationship ... This Book's For You!

My Bedtime Friend (He's in my Dreams)
"My Bedtime Friend" (He’s In My Dreams) is a bedtime story about a little girl name Mi’Amor, who experiences Jesus in a glorious way in her dreams as she sleeps at night. Mi’Amor begins her journey with a bedtime prayer. While in her sleep, Mi’Amor experiences the Lord speaking to her, and she subconsciously invites Him into her dream. She begins to experience safety and security while she’s asleep, because she feels the presence of the Lord. While asleep, Mi’Amor learns that when she is tempted to be afraid, Jesus is always right there, protecting her. Mi’Amor is being taught scriptures to meditate on. On their journey Jesus takes her to places that she could only imagine being. As Mi’Amor goes deeper and deeper to sleep, she and the Lord travels farther and farther away from where she is most familiar. She then gains full confidence that her bedtime friend, who is Jesus, is near; and she is not afraid. Mi’Amor learns that not only is Jesus in her dreams, but he’s also in all the little children’s dreams. Mi’Amor begins to express her gratitude towards her friend, for not only being with her in her dream, but also for being with her when she awakes.

A Shooting Star Meets the Well of Death: Why and How Richard Halliburton Conquered the World
This biography concerning the spectacular life of adventurer, author, and lecturer Richard Halliburton reflects 15 years of research, analysis and interviews. The challenges and triumphs of this surprisingly forgotten “rock star” of the 1920s and 1930s comprise an incredible saga. He swashbuckled through life leaving millions of ardent fans, critics and countless imitators. The story of this erudite 1921 Princeton graduate easily eclipses any pulp fiction yarn for excitement, daring and exotic locales. He turned a whole generation on to the romance of adventure, pursuit of the intellectual and unabashed celebration of Youth. His 7 best sellers enflamed the wanderlust of millions by combining tales of his offbeat antics (leapt into the Maya Well of Death, swam the Panama Canal, heard the confession of a Romanoff assassin, among other unique feats). He died as spectacularly as he lived, vanishing in a monumental typhoon while sailing a gaudy Chinese junk across the Pacific to the 1939 San Francisco Exposition. The website for this book is www.rhalliburtonstar.com.

7 Reflections of Inspiration
Life happens to the best of us and has a way of quickly propelling us into our destiny. It’s not the events that happen to us that shape who we are, it’s the events that happen for us that bring us closer to discovering our purpose in life. I’ve somehow come to realize that sheltering the outcome of those events while remaining silent has provided us with a way of escape from reality. The events that we encounter create the stories of our lives, and from those stories we birth a testimony. 7 Reflections of Inspiration was created after speaking to many different people of various positions and backgrounds who needed encouragement regarding events that were happening in their lives. With each conversation there was a consistent tone and one denominating question, “Why me?” My response was always the same, “Why not you?” It was through those conversations and because of my own experiences that I was led to push others to share their testimony.

The Only One in the Room
The Only One in the Room is a serious treatment on the subject of race in America, exploring why the problems persist, and what Christ-followers must do to help our nation heal. Throughout his life, especially while working as a high-profile professional in the Midwest, author Milton Thompson was often the only African American in his circles. A minister and educator, he uses the backdrop of his personal journey to skillfully and knowledgeably assess where we’ve been as a nation, and where we are now.

The Making of Milwaukee
John Gurda's definitive history of Milwaukee, from its earliest days to the present. Highly acclaimed, expertly written and richly illustrated, a must-have book for anyone interested in Milwaukee and its origins.

Cream City Chronicles:
Stories of Milwaukee's Past
An award-winning collection of lively stories about the people, events, landmarks and institutions that have made Milwaukee a unique American community. The stories represent the best of John Gurda's popular Sunday columns that have appeared in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel since 1994.

The Cielo
Paul Salsini’s award-winning novel of love and betrayal in wartime Tuscany.

Sparrow's Revenge
An unforgettable tale of revenge, retribution, guilt and forgiveness, Sparrow's Revenge is the sequel to Paul Salsini’s award-winning novel The Cielo.

Dino's Story
A boy comes of age helping victims in the devastating flood in Florence, Italy, in 1966.

101 Things To Do In Milwaukee Parks
Milwaukee has some of the most beautiful parks in the United States. This book is chock filled with ideas for how to enjoy them. Take a hike. Ride a bike. Play ball. Geocache. Find fossils. Experience the parks in a new exciting way. This wonderland is waiting to be explored!

The Old Spook
The Old Spook is a spy/detective novel about a burned out CIA operative Tom Miller that morphs Richard Burton (Alec Leamus) into Humprey Bogart (Sam Spade) - and back again. A tale of espionage and sleuthing that engages the reader in the culture and tradecraft of the CIA and the dilemma of government secrecy in a democratic society. The novel covers the 1950s to the 1970s and plenty of names are dropped - Dulles and Helms of the CIA, the Kennedys, Guevara, the missing union boss Jimmy Hoffa, the Mafia chieftains Sam Giancana and Johnny Roselli, Oliver North, et al. In the style of Upton Sinclair and Herman Wouk, the fictional Tom Miller interacts with actual events and personalities to provide an entertaining and intriguing read.

Even Sunflowers Cast Shadows
Emma Starkey is a spunky little girl trying hard to be charitable and virtuous. But her calculated attempts have a way of backfiring with tumultuous consequences in Douglas Armstrong’s poignant story of small-town life in 1920s Kansas. As Emma’s grandmother wryly observes, “Even sunflowers cast shadows.”

The Private War of Howie Beach
Follow the author through his military experiences, which include 11 months of combat from the Normandy beachhead to the engaging of Russian soldiers at the Elbe River.

Lulu's Christmas Story:
A True Story of Faith and Hope During the Great Depression
Christmas is eagerly awaited by Lulu, a young girl living in a small Wisconsin town during the Great Depression. Anticipation is transformed into anxiety when Daddy loses his job, doubts about Santa flicker, and that Shirley Temple doll seems further away than ever. Mama reveals her own brutal Christmas as an orphan, adding new worries. But it's Lulu's deep faith and vibrant hope that keeps her looking forward to each new day and the glorious gift of Christmas. In her touching memoir, Ludmilla Bollow, an award-winning playwright and novelist, recounts the year before her family's toughest Christmas. There's a haunting encounter with freaks at a circus sideshow, the heartbreaking loss of the town's recluse who was committed to finding true love, a disastrous Thanksgiving at Grandma's, and, of course, the long-awaited Christmas! Lulu's spirit of love and joy radiates throughout this emotive recall of family life during hard times. By Ludmilla Bollow.

Dr. Zastro's Sanitarium
This beautifully written novel explores the joys and sorrows of passion during the 1880s. Fiercely independent Yana, a Gypsy artist, is led to Dr. Zastro's Sanitarium in New York City, where this eminent physician uses hypnotic powers and electrical/magnetic apparatus in successfully treating his female patients. Both defy their basic beliefs, succumbing to passions of deep love, bringing them to the brink of personal and professional destruction as they begin to see a world beyond their rigid views. This turn of the century narrative presents a microcosm of America in the 1880s and a histogram of the human heart. By Ludmilla Bollow.

First and Long:
A Black School, A White School and Their Season of Dreams
Award-winning account of the inaugural season of a groundbreaking football team. Named one of the best sports books of 2004 by Chicago Tribune. Best sports book of the year, Midwest Book Awards.

The Christmas Heart:
And other stories of the season
A collection of six short stories by award-winning author Greg Borowski. Named best fiction book of 2005 in the Midwest Book Awards.

A Christmas Wish:
And more stories of the season
The follow-up to the award-winning book The Christmas Heart, featuring an additional six stories with a Christmas theme. All are adapted from stories Borowski writes each year and sends out with his Christmas cards.

In the Comfort of Shadows
Ann Olson, 53, needs to know the truth about her childhood. With her adoptive dad deceased and her mom suffering from dementia, Ann goes against her sister’s wishes in search of Emmett Pederson, an elderly Wisconsin farmer and reclusive cousin of her adoptive dad, whom she suspects has answers to her questions. During a surprise discovery of Emmett’s WW2 diaries, she is shocked to read about her birth parents’ forbidden wartime romance and reasons for her adoption. And while Emmett gradually reveals truths Ann couldn’t have imagined, Ann falls in love with a local man who is trying to forgive his own troubled past. Available in paperback from the author, in paperback and ebook through Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and from several area bookstores. For a first chapter preview and information about the real WW2 diaries referenced in the book, see www.laurelbragstad.com

Internet Dating
Is Not Like Ordering a Pizza
Have you become frustrated with Internet dating? If you've tried online dating and given up, or even if you thought the Internet wasn't right for you, this book will give you the courage to try again, this time armed with specific illustrations on what really works - from the profile through the dating stage. Don't waste another minute wondering why some people seem to have Internet dating success while you're still waiting for a response to your online ad. Through dozens of concrete examples, dating expert Cherie Burbach will show you how to write an eye-catching profile, search for, and meet the right person online.

Dark Past
Isabella Lovino moved to New York City to hide from the demons of her past, leaving everyone behind. Her troubled history makes it difficult to get a job, but when an opportunity comes up to work at an architectural firm, she takes it. On her first day of work she bumps into a stranger on the street and her whole world changes. The gorgeous Jason Hart owns his own architectural firm, but that’s not enough. He knows what he wants, and what he wants is the beautiful Isabella Lovino -- the same thing he has wanted since college. When he sees her at the restaurant, he knows he can’t let her get away this time. Will she notice him now?

The Chimera Virus
Dean J. Forchette's The Chimera Virus is a fast-paced, sensual and sometimes horrific SF techno-mythos. A wayward meteorite delivers an intelligent virus to the primeval Earth, ultimately giving rise to a race of vampires enhanced by the DNA of the various mammals that fell host to the ambitious traveler. In the modern world humans and vampires live in a peculiar symbiotic relationship, until the Earth is invaded by a vanguard of alien soldiers, powerful reptilian invaders. But two female Bloodwarriors present more of an obstacle then the aliens could ever have imagined. The girls know there is more at risk than a delicate social fabric; the fate of the world is at stake—and the vampires are determined to remain at the top of the food chain. There is an even more provocative question: what species, what world, what empire will fall ultimate victim to The Chimera Virus?

Microscopic bio-mechanical life forms are loose on the planet. They are hybrids — an instant evolutionary leap created by the Chimera Virus, an intelligent organism brought to Earth by a meteorite in symbiosis with the Nanites, highly advanced translation bots introduced to the Sol system by Ovek, a soldier from the galactic core. Are the Symbionts the ultimate threat? Or are they the ultimate salvation, the best hope for survival of the universe? Only the BloodWarriors hold the answer . . . for these fierce Vampires, the Symbionts and the Universe itself share an intimate destiny. Symbionts is the exciting sequel to The Chimera Virus. In Epoch VII, the ultimate bad girls, the BloodWarriors, embark on a dangerous journey into the void and sink their tusks into the dark unknown.

Mindangels! Progeny of the fierce, Earthly Bloodwarrior Vampires created by the Chimera Virus. No longer driven by the savage nature of the bloodlust, the Mindangels are moved by a nobler and more compelling urge, subsisting on the life-force of the universe itself. Satisfying their need, they safeguard the delicate fabric that is reality. This is the exciting and satisfying final epoch of the Chimera Trilogy which opened with The Chimera Virus and continued with the sequel, Symbionts, Epoch Seven of the Chimera Virus. Mindangels, Final Epoch Of Chimera, concludes the epic journey of self-discovery for the Bloodwarrior Vampires, Kara and Megan, and for the intrepid galactic war hero, Ovek Diatos—a thrilling and surprisingly cerebral conclusion to the mind-bending, techno-mythos spanning an ocean of space...and time.

Give Me Mine
Janay, born and raised in one of Milwaukee's toughest projects, struggles to obtain the respect she deserves. Due to her mother's addiction that leaves her with limited options, Janay becomes groomed for the street-life and tackles it alone; until she meets Scottie. Her fearless persona and his vicious money-making skills help them reach a life of materialism that can't be outdone by anyone else in their hometown. When the drama that comes with her new and improved lifestyle weighs heavy on her, she tries a different approach with life, unable to escape her past that eventually resurfaces. From barely living to living comfortably. From project rags to 'hood riches, and from motherless to mothering. Give Me Mine shares the experiences of a young girl who works hard for hers. A story of greed, determination and betrayal, with a valuable lesson about life.

Secrets in the City
Secrets in the City walks you through the secret lives of Milwaukee's most successful and well-known people, and gives you a behind-the-scenes look at all of the city's infidelity, all the shady business deals, the jealousy, the racism, the muders and just about every other issue in the city of Milwaukee. Everything from the news to the radio, to the nightlife and even our summertime festivities. Milwaukee's most successful shrink, Dr. Marcus Braxton, brings the conversations with Milwaukee's richest people from behind the four walls of his beautiful Brookfield office straight to these pages.

Gary Ford releases his hard-hitting & truth-filled memoir about his life from an innocent boy to a successful entreprenuer. His struggles include addiction, sexual-abuse and depression, as well as him at some of the happiest times in his life that others could only dream of. There is a situation that everyone can relate to in more ways than one. Through it all, today he's found peace within himself and is content with knowing that his life hasn't been perfect, but through the testimonies and personal confessions he'll touch the hearts of so many people. Touched will address some of the most important issues that the world faces today. Today Gary Ford is a sexual-abuse survivor and is passionate about helping others through some of the same painful situations that he was faced with during his childhood.

Milwaukee Food:
A History of Cream City Cuisine
Milwaukee's culinary scene boasts more than the iconic beer and bratwurst. It possesses a unique food culture as adventurous as any dining destination in the country. Sample the spreads at landmark hotels like the Pfister that established the city's hospitable reputation, as well as eateries like Mader's that cemented it. Meet the producers, chefs and entrepreneurs who helped expand Milwaukee's palate and pushed the scene to the forefront of the farm-to-fork movement. Milwaukee native and food writer Lori Fredrich serves up the story of a bustling blue-collar town that became a mecca for food lovers and a rising star in the sphere of urban farming.

If You're Missing Baby Jesus:
A True Story that Embraces the Spirit of Christmas
This true story by author Jean Gietzen will unwrap the warmth of the real meaning of Christmas. Charmingly illustrated by Lila Rose Kennedy, it is a gift to treasure and share and will remind you of the joy of giving, and touch the hearts of all who receive it.

Love . . .
The Illusion
A cheating fiancé leaves Maggie afraid to ever fall in love again, but she soon discovers that love is stronger than fear. Do you love romance? And fashion? Then you will enjoy reading Love . . . The Illusion. But not only can you read it, you can see it! It is the first romance book that has been published with on-line photos, making the scenes come to life. What is Maggie wearing on her first date? And who is the guy she can’t wait to have dinner with? You can see her and you can see him . . . and when things heat up? You can see that too! So, what are you waiting for? It won’t take long to get addicted. Get caught up in LOVE . . . THE ILLUSION!

Life with Ben
College was supposed to be a time of excitement and freedom. For one young woman, however, it became the source of entrapment when her anxiety disorder spiraled out of control and threatened to end her life. Desperate for a way out, she turned to an unusual place for help and ended up discovering the one thing that would allow her to find happiness . . . a parrot named Ben. Through the challenges and laughter of living with a parrot, Jessica found a way to live life once again.

Letters to Brett Favre:
A Fan Tribute
This book brings together messages of gratitude from people across the state of Wisconsin, the nation and even the globe to honor the future Hall of Famer. But this tribute to Brett Favre is not just about a talented football player. It’s about the man behind the number 4 and what his toughness, courage and love of the game have meant to us all.

Orville and Oakland
Defeat the Mighty Mellifera
There are far too many children and adults that are emotionally, physically and spiritually struggling with relationships and life due to inappropriate touching and a violation of trust by someone familiar. This book depicts a powerful relationship between Orville and Oakland that empowers this adolescent to eventually find the courage to tell his father about the disturbing ordeal.

Murder in Wauwatosa:
The Mysterious Death of
Buddy Schumacher
In 1925, the peaceful Milwaukee suburb of Wauwatosa found itself involved in mystery and horror. Eight-year-old Arthur "Buddy" Schumacher Jr. was last seen by three of his friends after they hopped off a freight train they’d jumped to get a ride to a nearby swimming hole. For seven weeks, the community and state searched desperately to find the boy until his body was found just a mile from his house with his clothing torn and a handkerchief shoved down his throat. The police pursued several promising leads, but to no avail. Paul Hoffman walks us back to the scene of the crime and through the reasons it was never solved.

Eat Like Jesus

"Eat Like Jesus" offers a simple, scientific, and comprehensive Bible-based dining theology, examining and explaining what the Bible teaches about food and eating. Drawing heavily from the Bible texts, "Eat Like Jesus" puts food-related topics such as veganism, kosher diets, cleansing rituals, and animal physiology (including diet, hygiene, diseases, etc.) into proper perspective, harmonizing New Testament accounts of Jesus, Peter, and Paul with Old Testament teachings of Moses. "Eat Like Jesus" uniquely reveals why the first law in the Garden of Eden was dietary, why Noah took extra pairs of certain animal species into the Ark, what kind of animals Peter saw in his vision, and what Jesus really meant as he "called all foods clean".

Let’s Get Ready For Kindergarten!
Let’s Get Ready For First Grade!
Award-winning, state-approved and used inside homes and schools across the nation. Created by a mom, these books are currently used in over 350 school districts from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon and in libraries and head start programs all across the country. Parents, kids and grandparents all love them because they are not storybooks or workbooks; they are books meant to be read over and over that cover the curriculum for Kindergarten and First Grade. By Stacey Kannenberg.

Brett Favre: A Packer Fan's Tribute
Third Edition/The Final Season
All of Brett Favre's best plays and best games as a Packer in one handsome hardcover featuring more than 90 color photos by the Packers' team photographer, Jim Biever. Written by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Tom Kertscher. The third edition of the Favre book is in stores and available online, as well as directly from the author; Tom can sign and add a personalized message to each book, which makes for a nice souvenir or gift. Just email him at tkerch@yahoo.com.

Cracked Sidewalks and French Pastry:
The Wit and Wisdom of Al McGuire
A collection of all the wonderful, witty, insightful, off-the-wall and poignant quotations of Al McGuire, the late and legendary Marquette basketball coach and broadcaster. Featuring dozens of photos in a handsome coffee-table book. Written by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Tom Kertscher. The McGuire book can be ordered by bookstores or online, as well as directly from the author; Tom can sign and add a personalized message to each book, which makes for a nice souvenir or gift. Just email him at tkerch@yahoo.com.

The Spoon
Tom Jensen is getting old and becoming obsolete at his youth driven corporation. As things go downhill, he remembers a former life, a life before he joined the rat race. This was a life of simple pleasures and relevance. It was spent with his artist wife and their dear friends, Mike and Stephanie Monroe. He also recalls reading with fascination about a school in the mountains where powerful executives escaped to learn to carve a simple wooden spoon. With little to lose, he enrolls at a folk art institute in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. There he reaffirms his forgotten values, and vows to find the Monroe’s again.

Room Four
It's just after Christmas and Alan Fries, hapless accountant, wonders why nurses with antler hats are hovering over him. He endures a three day coma stuck with only Jerry for company, an 87 year old crank who died in the same room earlier but is waiting for someone to sign the death certificate. Jerry and Alan becomes dead flies on the wall of an aging Chicago hospital and observe the staff...the doctor who leaves his sperm sample in the work fridge, the veteran nurse putting the kibosh on an intern's crush, the holiday hamfork injuries and the various nutcases who file through the ER doors. When they uncover a billing scandal and the truth about the corrupt CEO who is bankrupting the hospital they get to work. But can they put the proof in front of the eyes of the living in time? Can they save the hospital before driving each other crazy? Will Alan get resuscitated and start the bucket list he never had? A grouchy, laugh-out-loud tale of how tough love shines through the crustiest exterior. ROOM FOUR, by AJ Knauss, named by Kirkus as one of the best of 2012 (review link).

Write Your Book in 26 Days (And Live to Tell About It)
Write-A-Thon: Write Your Book in 26 Days (And Live to Tell About It) provides the blueprint to write a book in less than a month! Laying the foundation for fiction and nonfiction writers alike to write a book in less than a month (and survive), Write-A-Thon contains three sections: Training, Write-A-Thon, and Recovery. Each section utilizes introductions, brief valuable essays filled with practical tools, and just enough encouragement for the writer to press on and finish what may very well be the challenge of their life (or simply the challenge of the month). Write-A-Thon provides the complete guidebook for brainstorming, writing, and finishing that novel (preferably with all sanity intact)!

The Primordial Language:
Confirmation of the Divine Creator
“THE PRIMORDIAL LANGUAGE” is an original language and alphabet that has now permeated its way into being part of all known dialects that are used in the world today. The book goes into elaborate lengths to show how this language and its alphabet has still been the same throughout the centuries (but has been guised). It is more than just a language that uses grammar or syntax, and it is more than a language that theoretically started from primitive apelike beings making grunts and coos.

Invisible Hero
Inspired by real events involving a real person, a young Army rifleman who died in a Chinese POW camp, Roger Miller's novel Invisible Hero is a coming-of-age tale in postwar America in the 1940s and ’50s, when a prospering society’s slowly grinding mills were preparing to send young men off to a war no one comprehended.

Revered Moments
While growing up in the countryside in South Carolina, Dr. Altamese (Pelzer) Moore always attended church with her grandmother on Sunday mornings. The pastor's sermons echoed with words like "God sees everything you do" and "God will always be with you." As Dr. Moore continued her life's journey, the pastor's words were always close. Struggling with stints of unemployment, major personal decisions to be made, uncertainty, and confusion, Moore becomes an eyewitness to just how much God loves His children. On two separate occasions during these difficult times, Moore encounters the appearance of an angelic being. It was during these moments that she knew God is always listening, watching, and would also be there to lead and guide us. There are some occurrences that cannot be explained, because they did not originate from this world. God's power cannot be measured by human understanding. Moore, an educator, knows that God is always accessible through prayer and obedience. This book features Dr. Moore's personal stories with divine intervention and inspirational poems that will renew your faith while helping you develop a closer relationship with God.

Journey Beckons
With magnificent Mount Rainier in the Pacific Northwest as a backdrop for their adventures, this is a modern day romance with mature characters who think passion is over for them but find happiness and true love when they least expect it. Faith and hope are predominant as Cassie and Ryan follow their hearts’ journey in a novel of second love.

Memories from a New Orleans Girlhood
Eva Augustin Rumpf's memoir is set in the 1940s and ‘50s in America’s most “foreign” city. In dramatic scenes, the author re-creates the joys and struggles of growing up in this unique time and place. More than a nostalgia trip, the author’s moving accounts of her childhood and adolescence follow her struggle to overcome the deprivations and limitations of her lower-middle-class life and her need to find identity and freedom amid her large extended family. She explores why she felt compelled to leave New Orleans and build a life away from her family and the city of her birth. It was only after the floods of Hurricane Katrina wiped out much of New Orleans and scattered her family that she realized how much had been lost. Through her memoir, she seeks to heal old wounds and reclaim her personal past, even as her beloved city continues its reclamation efforts years after the disaster.

Eva Augustin Rumpf's PROT U is a satiric novel set on a contemporary university campus in Texas. With its colorful palette of characters and bizarre incidents, the story unfolds over the course of one outrageous year at fictional Protestant University of the South, from the start of classes and Rush week in August to graduation in May. This is a year when the serenity of the campus is shattered, as administrative control stifles student freedom of expression, mediocrity buries academic excellence and self interest battles justice. Conflicts abound as the characters pursue their own agendas over the school year - always at the whim of the capricious Texas weather - to the novel's chaotic climax on graduation day.

In Liberty’s Name
Paris, 1792. When Jean Baptiste Auberge narrowly escapes death in the bloody streets of Paris during the French Revolution, he abandons his study for the priesthood and seeks a safe haven in the French Caribbean colony of Saint-Domingue. Inspired by a true story and sweeping through four countries and two decades, this historical novel is peopled with figures such as King Louis XVI and Toussaint Louverture, the former slave known as Haiti’s liberator. In Liberty’s Name brings to life the events of a tumultuous period whose impact was felt worldwide and whose influence remains today.

Black Jewell: Poetic
A collection of poetry captivating the urban inner city youth experience growing up with minimal resources and dealing with the struggle.

The Guardian Fruit Fly
Inspirational novel to encourage, inspire, and help friendships. Yilitha Semons, born 1980 in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, knew early on that she had a passion for her people and a creative drive. From the glow in her energetic smile to the innocence of her eyes she was driven to succeed despite her environment. She depicts the real life events that occurred in the lives of young women growing up in the urban community to create an escape from current conditions. It was from these life circumstances that the book "Black Jewell: Poetic" was derived. The author went on to publish another book entitled "The Guardian Fruit Fly" in memory of a teenage friend that lost her life to drugs as a reminder that the small things we take for granted such as friendships can be snatched away.

Mr. and Mrs. Average Joe
Can sex really get better with age? For Joe and Elaine, an average couple married a long time, the answer is definitely yes! After thirty years together they begin experimenting with others and discover a whole new world of pleasure. Sparks ignite from the start and as fantasies are fulfilled, couples become much more than just friends, proving that age is just a number.

Jury Duty
This is Mr. Storm's first novel, involving a shocking crime and the attempts to conceal the magnitude of that crime by law enforcement personnel. This is a book that won't let you set it down without gripping your heart and soul.

Serial killers blush at the shocking crimes committed by the man the media dubbed the "Mantis." Terrorizing Chicago's citizens and striking fear into even the casehardened minds of law enforcement and criminals, this story carries the reader into the depraved world of America's foremost killer.

The Walk 'n Roll Dog
A true, inspirational story about a dachshund whose life started out just like any other dog walking on all four paws until a spinal injury leaves her paralyzed. Frankie is custom fit for a wheelchair and learns to keep on rolling. Her zest for life will have you cheering and she will give you hope that all things are possible. Frankie will leave an everlasting and loving paw print on your heart. A book for all ages to teach overcoming challenges and also compassion for the physically challenged.

Feeling like an outcast because she doesn’t relate to her African-American heritage, estranged from her parents and siblings, Minerva desires to start a family of her own but questions her own ability to be a good mother. And, at thirty-one years of age, Minerva still hasn’t come to terms with her own sexuality, holding on to her virginity like a sword and shield guarding her from further rejection and heartbreak. While fighting her own feelings of cultural isolation, Minerva attempts to reach her students' hearts by encouraging classroom discourses on controversial subjects from sexuality to racism. Acting as the class facilitator and hand of justice and wisdom, Minerva must come to terms with her insecurities if she is to reach her true potential as a teacher, a lover and a friend.

It's the year 2576 and socialism is dead. Unfortunately, man's inhumanity to his fellow man is not. In a universe full of opportunity for all, a chance encounter plants an evil seed and a psychotic killer begins stalking the female population of the MetroStellar. In another part of the galaxy, a lone USS Marshal on a routine undercover mission stumbles into a 300-year-old cover-up. Things are never what they seem to be and both cases begin and end with the Intra Stellar Transportation and Exploration Company (ISTEC) and the planet they control, Exodus. To close both cases will require the combined skills of the marshal and his twin brother, as they use their special bond to overcome the forces working against them and seek justice for those they have sworn to protect. The author has committed that 10% of the profits from the sale of Threads will go to ALS (Lou Gehrig disease) funding for research and patient care.

Going on Nine
The story opens when an eight-year-old girl swipes her mother's ring, snatches her sister's nightgown, and runs outside to play "bride." In short order, Grace Mitchell loses the ring, rips the gown, correctly assumes it's about to rain daggers, and runs away from home to find a 'better' family. What happens next is a summer-long adventure in which Grace travels on foot and by horseback, rides shotgun in a shiny new Plymouth Belvedere, hunkers in the back of a rattletrap vegetable truck, crawls deep into a crumbling tunnel, treks out to a fire in the hinterlands, explores the closet of a prom queen, keeps vigil in the bedroom of a rape victim, and helps tame a killer dog. Those are a just a few of the reasons Grace will remember the summer of 1956 for the rest of her life.

Running with Stilettos:
Living a Balanced Life in Dangerous Shoes
An outstanding collection of essays from the heart. By turns funny, touching, courageous, and enterprising, Running with Stilettos is a wide open window into one woman's mission to give every day her best shot . . . in fabulous shoes. By Mary T. Wagner.

Milwaukee Rock and Roll
In the latest addition to Arcadia Publishing’s new Images of Modern America series, author Larry Widen recollects the rock and pop acts that came through the Milwaukee music scene from the 1950s to the 1990s in Milwaukee Rock and Roll. Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick wrote the foreword, followed by more than 160 vintage images. Many of the images featured have never previously been published and come from the author’s personal collection, in addition to numerous other sources. In its pages, readers are able to see the venues and festivals that hosted various rock powerhouses, from the Arena, Summerfest, Eagles Club, as well as two dozen bars and clubs that no longer exist.

The Fractal Art of
Tom Wilcox
A beautiful collection of fractal art in magnificent color. More than five years in the making, Tom Wilcox is an internationally known fractal artist with nearly 25 years experence creating fractals. A large 12" x 12" size, the book features 70 large fractal images in stunning detail. "Eye candy" at it's best. Tom resides in Waterford, Wisconsin. The entire book can be previewed online.

Mandelbulb 3D Fractals
A stunning collection of Mandelbulb 3D fractals in beautiful color. 130 pages include more than 100 large fractal images. Amazing, strange and beautiful!

A Liberal In City Government:
My Experiences as Mayor of Milwaukee
Frank Zeidler’s memoir of his service as mayor of Milwaukee from 1948 to 1960. In an era marked by Cold War tensions and McCarthyism, Frank Zeidler held fast to his ideals and was re-elected mayor each time he campaigned. He was the last Socialist mayor of a major American city.

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