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Get Your Book Published:

Help With Your Book Proposal


You have an idea for a book; maybe youíve done some research and even written a few chapters.


Now what?


How do you find a publisher?


And how do you convince a publisher that your book is a winner?


You need a compelling book proposal. The proposal not only presents your idea, it makes a strong case for why your book will sell.


What Iím offering is help in writing your proposal.


I canít make any guarantees; getting a book published is difficult. But my proposals were successful in getting my two books published. And I know that I can give you a great start on your proposal, or improve one you already have.


Hereís how it works Ė all by e-mail:


1.     If you have a proposal, or a partial one, submit it to me. (If you donít, I will send you a fill-in-the-blank format that you can use to create a proposal.)


2.     I edit and critique the proposal and send it back to you. The critique will include suggestions on what to keep, what to delete, what needs work and what you might do to make the proposal stronger.


3.     You make revisions and return the proposal to me. I critique it a second time and send it back to you.




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The cost is $40.


Depending on where youíre starting from in this process, youíll either have a proposal that is ready to submit to publishers or one that puts you well on your way.


Youíll feel better about where you are in developing your book. And just eliminating some of that anxiety will put you in a better place for what we all would prefer to work on: writing.


To get started, just send me an e-mail.


And best of luck in your writing.


Tom Kertscher



Tom Kertscher, a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel news reporter, is the author of:


        Cracked Sidewalks and French Pastry: The Wit and Wisdom of Al McGuire (University of Wisconsin Press, 2002)


        Brett Favre: A Packer Fanís Tribute (Cumberland House Publishing, 2006, with new editions in í07 and Ď08).


Tom recently signed an agreement with an agent and is at work on two more books, one about sports and another about the last words people say before they die.


Tom has taught classes for Milwaukee Recreation and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee on how to get a book published.